Our Story

Co-founders Jenn Sun & Joe Maloy

Life's a game. We made birdiebites™ to help you play better! 

Our mission at birdiebites™ is simple. We want to fuel your play by reminding you to "Be Good To Yourself."  

birdiebites™ co-founders, Jenn and Joe, are children trapped in adult bodies. Kids get a bad reputation for making messes and causing trouble (Joe does his fair share of that!), but they're also unfailingly optimistic. Children know their best is yet to come, and they discover truths of the world through play. 

Play has always been important to both Jenn and Joe. Jenn was a collegiate golfer (go Santa Clara Broncos!) and continues to tee it up on the regular. Still, 18 holes is a long time for her to stay focused! Her rounds often started with birdies and finished with big numbers. Jenn needed real fuel, not candy from the snack shack, to keep her focused on the fairways.

Enter Joe. (Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story?) Joe is an Olympic endurance athlete who recognized both Jenn’s killer butt and her need for better energy while playing the game she loved. He knew a thing or two about fueling because his Olympic triathlon covered 31 miles over 2 hours. Weren't his enemies on the triathlon course--lapses in focus and low energy--the same hazards that plagued golfers like Jenn?

They combined Jenn's golf experience with Joe's endurance expertise to offer nutrition that keeps you on-course.

We think they're better than the average snack, but how about you give birdiebites™ a shot?! 

Be good to yourself, 

Jenn & Joe

(and Brooke & Birdie!)